Stuck in a rut.

4 Feb

Hello! Look, I’m still here I’ve just been shirking my blogging responsibilities for months. WordPress doesn’t even look the same! Anyhow, as you will mostly know, I started this a year ago and was doing a sponsored weight loss thingie, that if I am honest has really not worked so I firstly want to apologise for not having done it properly. It wasn’t for want of trying but various stressors (buying a house, applying for a PhD, cat getting run over, money woes) have just made it really hard. I’m still going to weight watchers meetings but to be honest, I am in such a rut. I’m either too stressed or too tired to think about eating well, plus weight loss really takes organisation and that is NOT my strength! Anyway, I have decided to plough on, and depending on the outcome of my weigh in tonight I will donate accordingly to my just giving account. But in the meantime, tips on getting out of the rut, exercise buddies, etc., are most welcome!


I’m still here

19 Oct

I’ve done that thing where I don’t blog for ages, haven’t I? I actually wrote a post ages ago but wordpress was being a bit temperamental. Anyhow, I am still here, and I am still trying to weigh less. I joined Weight Watchers in July and have lost another 7 pounds, I think this means I’ve lost a stone since January, this isn’t great but in between I’ve also bought a house which was proper stressful and drove me to drink (and food). It also means I got a special sticker.

Anyhow, Weight Watchers is actually going pretty well and I’m losing weight pretty consistantly, I had a week off last week because my cat got run over, it sucked balls and I bought fish and chips and drank wine to cheer myself up, but I think that’s acceptable. I also bought a kitten on a whim. Completely normal behaviour. I’ve also learned some useful things:

– Making yourself go to an exercise class/the gym is definitely the hardest part if, like me, you hate exercise. I find once I have somehow tricked myself into going, the class goes quite quickly and then I feel a bit smug after so it’s kind of worth it. A good tactic is to go in your lunch break and tell everyone you’re going, so you feel silly if you don’t.

– Cream soda. It’s awesome. I have been trying to cut down on diet coke because it makes me feel pretty anxious, and this is a good substitute. Also it’s a good substitute for pudding. I know it’s not healthy but really, I don’t actually care.

– Weight watchers meetings will continue to be the most frustrating things ever. Generally, you will be asked a question and any answer you give will be wrong, because they are just trying to sell you a product and if you think you can do without, you’re WRONG. I go with a friend and am pretty grateful to have someone to snigger at the back of the class with. Last time I went there was a lengthy discussion about the size of spoons. I am not joking.

Anyway, I think one of the reasons I don’t blog often is because I am not an ‘ideas person’ so if anyone would like me to write about a specific thing in this blog specifically then please do!


Meals that I ate #1

7 Aug

So a while I got I said I was going to do more posts with photos in, and then I promptly didn’t. But now I am going to again, since there is only so much I can write about weight loss and how very boring it is. Therefore, here is a picture of my dinner.



Courgette fritters and butternut squash wedges. I know the courgette fritters look like a big mess but honestly they were tasty. I grated a courgette, mixed in a tablespoon of plain flour, some salt, some chilli flakes, an egg, and an egg white. And then I dropped a spoonful in at a time and fried them. They didn’t stick to the pan unlike last time I made them, which is A Good Thing. Although I don’t recommend seasoning them with lime, that made them taste a bit like pancakes. 

I also had half a butternut squash to use up; I usually don’t bother with them because they’re such a pain to chop and peel but, having spent some time on the Weight Watchers message boards (I get really bored at work), people keep going on about it like it’s the new ‘thing’ and I gave in and bought chips with (you just cut it into chip shapes and shove in the oven with some cooking spray, they’re TASTY), leaving the big bottom bit for today (I am trying to use up all my vegetables before my holiday). I couldn’t be bothered the peel it and I am GLAD because the skin is really nice and crispy. As an aside, I just want to say that it really annoys me how, on the aforementioned message boards, people keep calling butternut squash BNS. That implies that butter and nut are separate words. And I think I will leave it there for today. 

On eating gross food and weird diet fads

6 Aug

So today I have been thinking about gross food people seem to eat when they are on a diet. Two things brought this on. Firstly, my good friend Lucy has replaced her usual meat with offal for a year, you can read about that here; last week she featured on a Canadian radio station and the DJ seemed to think she was doing it to lose weight. She is not, and I suggest you read her blog if you want to know more about it. But the point is, maybe the reason he thought so is that fad diets are so bizarre nowadays (especially considering he thought she was eating offal and nothing else). And Lucy if you’re reading this, I am not saying what you eat is gross, more that it would be a weird diet change to make just to lose weight.

Secondly, when I was obsessively going on the internet  working today, I came across this amazing blog – I guess 70s cooking wasn’t great anyway, but I think the weight watchers element adds a bit more grossness. I’m pretty glad we’ve got past putting EVERYTHING in jelly. And this in turn lead to me thinking about cottage cheese. Why does everyone eat cottage cheese when they’re trying to lose weight? Is it nice? I’ve never eaten it because it looks vile. I’d rather just eat something else.

I guess the conclusion to this rambling is: just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. 


23 Jul

Well. I went to my weigh in and am sad so say I’ve only lost HALF A POUND. I mean, I know I still lost weight but WHAT? To make myself feel better I gorged myself on a Weight Watchers pizza and it WASN’T THAT NICE. Happily, I can watch some girls crying because they got their hair cut on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model tonight, this might suit my mood well. Any advice welcome.

Weight watchers – 4th time lucky?

23 Jul

Last week, I decided that since I no longer really had moving house as an excuse, I needed some weight loss guidance so I have decided to return to weight watchers. I went to my first meeting last week, and was relieved to see the leader wearing some nice wellies with little beagles all over them. So far so good. My weight hasn’t actually got as bad as I’d feared, when I first started this challenge I lost about 8 pounds and I am still 6.5 lighter than I was at the beginning. On a friend’s advice I went slightly drunk, and that made it a bit less painful. Some other people joined at the same time, and irked me by asking really silly questions and not letting the leader EXPLAIN but the meeting was nice and small, so crucially was over quickly (I doubt I will stay for the meeting this week, I don’t really care if I’m a carrot or a stick person, I don’t think).

I have now been on ‘the plan’ a week, it’s actually been not too bad. It’s a bit weird, this is my 4th time on weight watchers and my first time doing the ‘pro points’ plan properly, and the extra points act as a nice cushion. The thing confusing me, from the message boards (other than the fact people seem to leave messages just to say good night – this isn’t how message boards work, is it?), is there is no consensus on what to do with weekly points and activity points. Some people think you shouldn’t eat them at all? I don’t understand why we would be given points we couldn’t use. Anyway. Note to self. Don’t go on the message boards. They’re pretty annoying anyway. So I am off for my weigh in this evening. Sober this time but pretty full of diet cherry coke. Watch this space.

What do I do now?

11 Jul

Hi all. Back again, with my tail between my legs. I did, as promised, try Slimming World for a week; I found it quite easy to follow and I wasn’t hungry, BUT as I had suspected, it didn’t really tackle my emotional eating (I tend to eat when I’m bored, stressed, sad, or tired and I was preparing to move house so at some point probably felt all four) and soon found myself just eating MASSIVE bowls of pasta, just because I could. And Muller Lights. Not together. For this reason I still think Slimming World is not the plan for me. Unless any of you who have successfully lost weight on Slimming World have any tips?

Anyway, as suspected the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of eating and drinking. I was moving house, which I used as an excuse to just eat pizza and chips for a week and not go to the gym; then I had to unpack and apply for a PhD and spent the weekend in Brighton for a friend’s wedding, where I consumed almost an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting (while watching a TERRIBLE American High School adaptation of Othello), drank my weight in wine, and as a result on Sunday, to recuperate and give me enough energy to do the PhD application I had put off until The Very Last Minute, I am ashamed to say I had a Burger King meal AND got home and had a curry. Suffice to say, I don’t think my application was very good so really I could have done with not stressing about it and eating some vegetables. I’ve also still not been to the gym. I’m going back tomorrow and I’m terrified.

I do really want to get back into the challenge, I’ve started logging all my food/exercise again on this website, (as honestly as possible, there’s no point in cheating even though I want to) but I’m finding it so hard to motivate myself.  As Sleeper once said – what do I do now?